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Dear Prof. Trung Trieu Nguyen Thi Thanh


After reading the Interview with Journalist Vo Trieu Son, I would like to make some comments to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh:


1. In the Interview of Journalist Vo Trieu Son, Dr. Thanh answered very scientifically and even reached the maximum level of the tough questions of the famous journalist.


2. The interview answers of Dr. Trung Trieu Nguyen Thi Thanh are very good, very sincere, gentle, overcoming all the most difficult questions.


3. The most important part is the last paragraph. The case of clinical treatment for 100 experimental patients was reported Tuoi Tre: rotten too clearly. The public who listens or reads this passage will surely have a good response to Dr. Thanh.


4. The dream of an elderly doctor who wants to give his best and extremely limited assets to devote to life through the story of free treatment, with finding medicine and money for medicine is extremely painful. . But this is one of the most terrible diseases of the planet for which mankind has not yet found a cure for the true nature of the disease. Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, Chemotherapy is especially expensive and inexplicably expensive, difficult for the poor to reach.


5. Serving the ideal and achieving the ideal are two sides of a "soldier" that must be crossed in order to win. Prof. Doctor Thanh is standing in front of a narrow door and has to try to pass. In addition to talent, in addition to the opportunity that has come at hand… there must also be a charm to push. Where is that fate?


6. Someone said to pray.


7. I suggest more: The spirit of fighting fiercely to the end must not give up. I know that Dr. Thanh has the ability to strive for that.


Reporter Alfonse Nguyen Van Dien

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