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Special Interview - Conducted by Vo Trieu Son

VNN's introduction : Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh, who discovered the origin of cancer and invented a cure for this deadly disease, VNN news agency we are very pleased to have the doctor for The following special interview is conducted by reporter Vo Trieu Son. In addition to a detailed presentation on the important things of cancer, in this special interview, the Doctor also shared with VNN's readers the thoughts and wishes of a doctor. scientific research on faith in God and on the birth, old age, sickness, and death of man. Please follow along. 


(Invention - Patent CANADA 02275732)


Brief Biography of Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh: 

Born in Quang Tri, Central Vietnam.

In 1965, graduated with a Doctorate of National Medicine in Paris.
In 1967, he went to Canada to teach Physiologie at the University of Moncton NB, Canada.
After that, he returned home to work as Assistant in charge of the Ministry of Social Relief and Relief for General Doctor Tran Lu Y (Medical doctor at that time took care of all 3 Ministries of Health, Social Affairs and Relief; Dr. Thanh alone had more certificates. Postgraduate only in Hygiène, Médecine Préventive et Actions Sanitaire et Sociale).

After that, Doctor Tran Minh Tung, Minister of Health, appointed Doctor Thanh to be the Director of Saigon Children's Hospital, but after observing the Hospital, Dr. Thanh refused this responsibility and opened a private practice. Research on cancer and medicine in South and North. This research lasted until the Doctor later settled in Montréal (Canada).

After 1975, Doctor Thanh stayed in Vietnam to continue his treatment. Because of his straightforwardness and frankness, he was imprisoned for nearly 3 years by the Vietnamese government for fighting against the corrupt regime. September 1988, Doctor settled in Canada.

After nearly 20 years of research, Dr. Thanh presented about discovering the origin of the natural state of viruses (viruses) and cancer and also clinically applied to cure cancer for many people.

In 1998, Dr. Thanh began filing for Patents in the United States, Canada and Vietnam. In 2002, the Doctor was granted a Patent by the Government of Canada for the Treatment of Cancer. 

In addition to his research efforts in Medicine, Dr. Thanh has also researched extensively on Vietnamese Pre-Cultural Origins and Prehistory and has made many valuable contributions to this field.


VNN: Dear Doctor, the scientist Louis Pasteur said that: The more advanced science, the closer humanity is to God. As a Catholic expert in medical research, what does the above idea of ​​Louis Pasteur mean to the life and scientific ideals that the Doctor is pursuing?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh : Yes, Mr. Pasteur said that: ''Un peu de science on s'éloigne de la Foi, beaucoup de science on s'en approche = A little science, people are far from Faith (in God), a lot of science people approach it. ). Pasteur strongly believed in the existence of almighty God. 

He wanted to say that when people practice a little science, they feel complacent, proud, as if with science they have achieved the supreme truth above all, and have achieved the end of human life. People ; Other than that, there's nothing more to say. They are complacent, self-conceited as if they can achieve it all with a little science like ''a toad lying at the bottom of a well sees the sky with a swing'' and no longer believe in the almighty Creator who gave birth to humans and for them. intelligence for them to grope to find a little bit of truth that is extremely limited in nature, that is, scientific research. 

But when people go deeper into science, they will be amazed and bewildered by their extremely limited petty understanding. Opening their eyes, they felt that the smallness and inferiority of humans and the scientific achievements achieved by much effort, no matter how much developed they were, were just meaningless narrow understanding. From those perceptions, people have thoughts towards the Creator. Because only Faith in an Almighty God can answer all questions for thinking people. Science with all its inventions are just petty gropings in the dark looking for tiny rays of truth in the mysterious universe of Creation. A small example: A pilot who flies an airplane feels himself to have a talent for crossing the clouds. But going further, when he followed the rocket to the moon, looking at a tiny corner of the vast, majestic and endless universe, he was shocked, wobbly, 

In any industry, especially medicine, Mr. Pasteur's statement is even more true. However, Faith in God cannot be an automatic gift in the face of higher science. Because the concept of boundless nature is not necessarily a "necessary" and "enough" factor for people to have faith in God. Another more important element is needed, which is the mystery of the Most High's grace given to people who have the heart to grasp the light of faith deeply and firmly. Therefore, not all great scientists deeply believe in God.


VNN: From the past to the present, many scientists have worked enthusiastically in a non-profit way despite facing many difficulties. In a recent interview of Ms. Diem Thy in the Paris New Day Newspaper, the doctor also mentioned that because of cancer research, he had to dissolve his family and face a lot of injustice and destruction. Thus, the sacrifices of scientists and the advances of science today will automatically bring happiness and well-being to humanity? Or does humanity need something else? And if necessary, what to do?

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh : Except in the case of being well-paid or sponsored, or buying and selling inventions to become a dollar billionaire, if not, scientific researchers have to make many sacrifices. It must be honest to say that in that sacrifice, although there is a spirit of service, there must be passion for joy and strong willpower to be more or less successful. Marie Curie and her husband had to burn the tables, chairs, and cabinets that were being used for research, and they lived in poverty until they died. 

Personally, I encountered many misfortunes both in Montreal Canada and in Vietnam. In Montréal, I was honored by two fellow doctors with rich clinics, because of jealousy, slander, accusing me of "experimental treatment" for money without declaring it, so the Canadian government fined me. I was close to $100,000, foreclosed on my house, and took all the money out of my bank account. However, I am still happy and am currently complaining. This event made me meditate on the Lord's command to pray in the Our Father and tremble with fear, "Obey your will on earth as it is in heaven!" 

Humanity's happiness and peaceful life is not necessarily due to science. Since ancient times, science has not yet developed, people still live happily and peacefully. However, the development of science has brought many relative benefits to mankind. But it is also undeniable that science has also brought many accidents to mankind: for example, guns, bombs, mines, toxic chemicals, habitat destruction, atomic mass murder, nuclear weapons, etc. Scam drugs, murderous abortion pills, sex drugs etc poison youth, adults. 


Therefore, the happiness and peace of humanity depends entirely on how human conscience knows how to take advantage of science. Humanity needs to wake up to know how to live with truth, with charity and virtue. National leaders must know how to govern the people with the righteous and royal way, and know how to use science to bring security, prosperity, and prosperity to the people. National leaders cannot take advantage of power but crave power for their own positions, greed for profits, close their eyes and sacrifice all the people's rights to be people, the people's well-being for their status and bottomless private purses; using science to create chemical weapons, germs, and nuclear weapons for mass murder in order to dominate the world; flattering people to earn votes, sending teenagers into existentialism with a depraved life, losing all meaning of their precious happiness and peace in their lives. 


The Roman Catholic Church (GHCG) on the land and population level is a very small country, but on the spiritual level, the GHCG is as big as the whole world. GHCG has the supreme spiritual mission of leading humanity to more and more perfect perfection. And from that perfection, man easily finds God. 


GHCG must be active and active in a much more practical, practical way to be able to respond to the fallen social situation of today's sick, broken planet. GHCG cannot just sit and work in tears, dripping in front of many serious diseases, severe degradation in all aspects of the world like today's flood. 


No association, agency, or national education can replace the mission that God has entrusted to His Catholic Church on earth. The Catholic Church that we speak of here is not only the Leaders of the Holy Roman See, but a universal Catholic Church of all Christians on earth, including all the laity, there are brothers and sisters, one Some of you work in VNN, including me. Therefore, no matter how small we are, we still have a duty to contribute to the building of the Catholic Church of Jesus.



VNN: According to the beliefs of many religions, God created the universe and gave birth to humans because of His own Love, but why is it that in the human environment, there are disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis? , as well as in the human body itself is always full of germs that cause deadly diseases such as viruses, cancer pathogens, for example. What do doctors think about these issues?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh : God created the earth with all its raging freedoms, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, environment... God created all living things on earth. , from super virus to human, He gives life, joy, happiness, hardship, suffering, sickness and death. That is His mysterious plan of love. Why so ? For earthly life is a formidable test. Challenges for people who have all the luck, beauty, health, happiness, love, fame, fortune, wealth, and challenges for people who are inferior in appearance, handicapped, unlucky, miserable suffering, poverty, hunger, poverty, oppression, exploitation, injustice, indescribable calamities and misfortunes. 


Those are the first steps, the starting step in God's mysterious love program, that people are going to come to a "true eternal happiness", "unexpected and impossible happiness". The idea that God has set up is ready for all of us. Beware, Christ said: ''It is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.' So what? Where is the blessing? 


God does not give this earthly life "eternal happiness that does not die", on the contrary, He also requires "Whoever wants to follow Me must drink the bitter cup with Me (carry the cross, suffer)". Earthly life is only a place of testing, worldly happiness is only relatively temporary, and it is also a test of virtue and love of neighbor to deserve to pass to an eternal happiness that humans do not know. It is impossible to foresee or imagine how! The trials of the world are only the beginning of whether people are worthy to enter the wonderful eternal happiness. 


Being sick, how to cure disease, living in poverty, helping people to reduce poverty, suffering, helping people to suffer less... all of these are just tests of God when He gives man complete freedom . Those are all things that are part of the wonderful and unexpected program of God's Love for humanity. How can the limited mind of creation understand, how to understand the Divine Will of the Creator. That's why after many hundreds of thousands of years or more, God created man on earth, he entered the world as a human to live a vile life, die a painful death in the end; and continuously bestow all blessings, working miracles continuously from time immemorial to encourage and sustain mankind that is weak against all temptations of Satan to fall. 


Every Christian around the world has had but one steadfast Faith from God and in God exactly the same for the past 2000 years and will continue until the end of the world. This proves that God is the Truth, and that Faith in God is a true boundless happiness. It can be said that right in this world, there is no happiness, such as happiness in love between men and women, family, health, intelligence, fame, money, etc., that can be compared with happiness in the world. a Faith if we understand the value of faith happiness. Currently, the majority of humanity is burying oil in the dark, passionate about the flesh, money, fame, and killing each other..., yet to understand the above-mentioned happiness of Faith. 


I think, if we use the word ''worldly happiness'' to describe ''heavenly happiness'', it can be said that there is no happiness in the world; and if you compare "suffering on earth" with "suffering in hell", then there is no suffering in the world at all! The mystery of God's Love is there. At the right time, we will suddenly know all the great miracles of God's love.



VNN: Dear Doctor, scientific research aims to discover and determine the truth existing in nature, while moral sense or love for humanity - aims to determine a truth that must exist in nature. Do these two fields have different purposes? And what areas have prevailed in the process of medical research to find effective cancer treatments for doctors? Science without conscience is just a failure of the soul (Science sans conscience n'est que ruine de l'ame) is it true in the current era of advanced civilization?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh:Usually when there is 'demand', people think 'supply'. From being eager for that supply, people are passionate and passionate about finding a truth inherent in nature to supply the demand. Depending on the purpose when looking for a bow, one can place the research in the field of finding the truth for the truth, or searching for a truth to serve for love. Often these two areas rarely go separate. My cancer research is no different from that, which means doing research to serve the part of people who suffer while at the same time finding out the truth. Of course, the joy and passion of studying the truth helps people despite all disadvantages. And the sense of morality and love for humanity is still the way that motivates people to study passionately. So, 


If people do science just to destroy, take revenge, kill people, fight for power, greed for personal gain, then human dignity will be gone. There are people who try to make nuclear atoms to kill mass or people who research abortion pills to kill billions of babies in the womb, small things must include those who sit and study viruses that break electronic machines, research into stealing bank money through money machines, cash registers, research on cheating gambling to cheat gambling, creating automatic porn movies to push youth into the mud, processing cheap drug ecstasy Addictions quickly poison youth, create programs to teach children sex to easily draw them into pedophilia plots etc.. not only have they knocked their souls into the abyss, but they have also smeared their minds intelligent scientific research of mankind.



VNN : Pleased to read through the doctor's biography, we know that he was imprisoned for nearly 3 years by the communist authorities from 1980 to 1983 for fighting corruption. Could you please tell me about this event. Until now in the communist regime, corruption has become more and more bold. According to Doctor, in such a corrupt regime, is there any hope to accept the sincere cooperation and sacrifice of genuine scientists like Doctor to bring the country up?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh : After April 30, 1975, I decided not to go anywhere, although before that I studied and worked as a doctor in Paris, France, and taught at the University in Moncton, NB Canada. Because I know since 1963, communist theory will preside over Vietnam when Duong Van Minh kills Mr. Diem. From the beginning, our whole neighborhood group went to learn Mr. Ho's saying "Frugal, integrity, impartiality", and I also read his textbooks on teaching the Party and the people from the police. soldiers, journalists, farmers, youth, women, children. 


Because I believe in the "integrity" of the Vietnamese people, when I work as a doctor in the Hamlet, in the Ward in the Patriotic Intellectual Association, in the construction sites and in the New Economic Zones, I see the people's medicine. , of the collective of construction workers disappeared, I have to speak up. I was the first to report those negative losses. Also because I was too frank, they arrested me in Chi Hoa. But I have complained to the Party Central Committee for many years, and Mr. TBT Le Duan has investigated, intervened to release me and compensate me with honor. 


Yes, today, corruption has become monstrously daring, not because of poverty but because of bottomless greed for billions of dollars. The PMU 18 case and the oil exploitation embezzlement case in the East Sea are real acts of selling the Vietnamese homeland, robbing the people boldly to take billions of dollars from some high-ranking party members for many years. Now, those who cover are all accomplices. They have overthrown the fatherland, the people's right to life, and chose to embezzle billions of dollars. Oh my! why are you so mean. Obviously they are Vietnamese fraudsters selling water and nothing more! I feel so humiliated and painful to see that high-ranking party members holding the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Central Committee to Combat Corruption embezzle billions of dollars on borrowed money to build the country. ! Their crimes are too serious, more serious than rape, murder, mass robbery, because this is a crime they committed against the Vietnamese fatherland and 85 million compatriots. The higher the position they hold, the more serious the crime, the law must confiscate all of their property to return it to the country and the people, and condemn the death penalty, not just criticism. 


Everyone knows that corruption in Vietnam is widespread. For many years, the press has made a lot of noise about the case of foreign drugs that have skyrocketed in price from 100% to 450% or more. The pharmacists said that while watching television about the National Assembly questioning Health Minister Tran Thi Trung Chien to answer questions about medicine, the Minister stood crying. They wondered why she did not resign, on the contrary, still holds the position of Health Minister. 


Personally, in 2002, I got a patent from the Canadian Intellectual Property Agency, and I went home. In Saigon, I had a meeting with some doctors and pharmacists, when I heard that I had a letter from two Canadian and German apothecaries wanting to buy a patent that I refused to bring back home, they advised me to "sell Go, bring money back to your country, pave the way, then you can do whatever you want." Then, on January 9, 2003, the Minister of Health invited me to Hanoi to discuss with the Ministry. I wanted her to help me work in Saigon, she indirectly ignored. In Saigon, the Director of the Department of Health told me that Dr. Nguyen Chan Hung, the director of the City Oncology Institute, said, "We are not ready to have a place for you to work." I see too many obstacles, but not discouraged. After that, I was given Doctor Truong Thin,



VNN : We know that the Doctor has spent a very long time researching on cancer. Please tell me during that research, what advantages and obstacles did you encounter?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh:While working at Paris hospitals and at Private Clinic 320 Phan Thanh Gian, District 10, Saigon, I found many of the same symptoms of fungal disease and cancer. A case of breast cancer of a young mother that Doctor Ly Hong Chuong gave biopsies and then continued radiation therapy, but the disease kept increasing. When she came to me, I tried treatment, but unexpectedly the disease receded and scarred. A beautiful 19-year-old girl, the only child of a rich family, had a cancer that appeared on her nose like a betel nut. Doctor Professor Ut treated forever more and more exposed. My family brought me treatment. It was an unexpected blessing that exceeded my expectations. Since then, I have silently treated cancer for anyone who came to me, so in practice, I have had some success. When I went abroad, I researched new theories, and found them to be theoretically reasonable. I wrote an in-depth explanation of " 


I continue to treat those who volunteer and succeed at 70, 80%, especially breast cancer, lung cancer, meat and blood cancer. With the clinical results available, I applied for patents in the United States and Canada. The US discriminated against me and didn't give me a license, they asked me to come to the US for an interview, I didn't have the means. In September 2002, Canada awarded me a Certificate of Treatment for Cancer Root Treatment after 4 years of research. 


I left for Vietnam, and after much hardship, the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy at 273 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan District, organized for me to give a lecture on The Origin of Cancer and prepared to take care of cancer treatment free of charge. including medicine for 6 months for 100 poor compatriots. Central International Pharmaceutical Enterprise 25 at 120 Hai Ba Trung, takes care of making medicines for patients as I outlined above. 


It is because of the above-mentioned negative problems in the medical and pharmaceutical industry that the hard work of our 4 components: 100 compatriots of cancer patients receive free treatment - Central Pharmaceutical Enterprise 25 certified international level - Saigon Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy - and I, worked hard to prepare for nearly 2 years. Just starting treatment, from the darkness emerged a very sophisticated and powerful destructive conspiracy: 


A female reporter using two different names, NG.Quang and Le Thanh Ha, took advantage of the most prestigious and widely read newspaper in the country, wrote 3 liar articles, spread false news and destroyed even 2 large establishments. of the state is Pharmaceutical Enterprise 25, and the City Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy made them angry, and also created conflicts and disunity between these two agencies. Finally, a third long article insulted me personally and my Canadian Patent for cancer treatment, deliberately strangling the period to get a free cancer treatment program for 100 fellow patients. I have written complaints everywhere but no reply. 


Doctors, pharmacists and public opinion told me that "Currently, many overseas Vietnamese tycoons are applying for the monopoly of imported medicines to Vietnam, freely setting prices, and using dollars to bribe the medical community and doctors in the country. The country sells drugs to entrap the intestines, choke people's throats, the domestic press has been screaming like thunder for many years, but it's been refunded everywhere" ..."If her cancer medicine was born, who would spend billions of dollars? dollars to buy their imported chemotherapeutic drugs, so forcing them to bribe reporters and the press and others to kill you and those who work with you." People say that today there is no longer a "hospital" only a "hate house". 


Of course, there are also overseas Vietnamese who, out of love for their compatriots, bring their talents to help the people, but there is no shortage of people who return to harm the country by all means from love to money. But I must be terrified when I hear that overseas Vietnamese tycoons return to the country to get rich, using millions of dollars to buy medicine and pharmaceuticals, harming the country and harming the people!!! Domestic embezzlement was as bold as you said, overseas Vietnamese tycoons also colluded with sightseeing to kill more people. Oh my gosh! Just because of the dollar, overseas Vietnamese tycoons opened their arms to torment the country, rip out the intestines of suffering cancer patients, suck the blood of fellow starving cancer patients and their families conscientiously, and kill them. The foundation of the country's development like that!


Ladies and gentlemen, first VNN, then the entire overseas Vietnamese community, what do you think about the overseas Vietnamese tycoon case? Is this Vietnamese treason against the nation? Do you have any thoughts, judgments, ways and actions to prevent social evils about the health of the entire Vietnamese population in the country today? I earnestly appeal to you SOS!!! This is an urgent job to save the people and save the country that only the media and the Communist Party of Vietnam have the qualifications and authority to act effectively. For many years, the domestic press has shouted loudly, the National Assembly has met again and again, discussed enthusiastically many times, the pharmacists have mastered the problem, no more proof is required.

As for me personally, think about it, if it weren't for bribery to destroy me, why would a newspaper reporter I've never met would have to put in the effort to spy on and destroy not only me, but also important are 2 large facilities of the state and especially 100 miserable cancer patients? Like other covers, reporter NG. Quang ie Le Thanh Ha is well covered, why is that? The negative issue here is far-reaching! However, for the sake of conscience and faith, I will definitely take care of making cancer drugs for my poor patients, even if the overseas Vietnamese tycoon kills me, I can't.


VNN : Can you tell me during the survey to grant US and Canadian Patents for your cancer research, there were advantages and disadvantages like that? any ? What points do they focus on surveying the most?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh: In 1994, I studied medical literature to write and then give the article "Inventing the fungal origin of viruses and cancer cells" to a few scientific friends. They strongly agreed with my proofs and encouraged me to apply for a Patent (BPM). When I brought the documents to a large patent firm, they demanded $20,000, but they were willing to give me a 50% discount. They say they need to find someone with special abilities to write BPM. I asked to cooperate, they refused. Finally, the doctor's lawyer took over the writing job. After reading the entire document, he told me: "For this work you must have a Nobel Prize." He was very interested in working for me and asked me for his suggestions. 


Correspondence with Washington DC for 5 years, each letter I have to pay 500 dollars to the extent that I pay pennies. First of all, Washington DC searched to see if anyone in the world literature has had an opinion or said something similar to my idea, ie ahead of me? After not seeing it, they went into the matter of rebuking and harassing me severely. I have to reason to answer specifically, every time they retort by mail, they have to pay. After they stopped arguing by mail, they turned to them by phone because my English is very poor (speech without proof to bully me). The US said carelessly that my cancer treatment had been given before, I asked them to write it in a letter, they didn't. I prove that no one is ahead of me, I am the first creator, they bear. I'm sad to see them trying to find a difficult job. Finally, they invited me to the US to do an Interview, Because of lack of finance, I did not go, had to stop. Currently, if you want to continue in the US, you must have a lot of money. 


During that time I also applied for Canada with French, I did it myself, thanks to a little experience. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office in Ottawa seems to like me. I was subjected to as much abuse as the United States, but the Canadian government showed great appreciation for my invention. Many anonymous Vietnamese phone calls to insult me ​​for making lies, crazy, cheating... Many times I was so depressed that I wanted to give up. The Canadian government wrote to me again encouraging me to continue, they told me to just pay some fine to continue. I continue. Some friends mocked me again, not believing that I could get BPM to treat cancer completely. They say the whole world has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in half a century but can't help it, you can't do anything, if you treat someone well, it's just psychology, even with the testing of the US military. 


The concrete and practical evidence in front of me is that the cancer swarms, disappears, sometimes I'm overjoyed, for example: the person who nearly died after 6 months of my treatment got up and went to work, making me like a dream. wake up, believe in doubt, then believe strongly again. I am as confident as solving a math problem, can't go wrong. I am determined to go to the end. The Canadian jury continued to ask me to provide more specific documents, I tried to do my best according to their requests, answering all their requests in French until the end. They kept meeting. The jury is based on cancer patients who have been specifically cured by me and also based on the article "Invention of the fungal origin of viruses and cancer" for research and investigation. Several times the Chief Examiner informed me that it was over, but after the meeting to investigate, he could not. So prolong the days. The Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Jury was supportive of my invention. So, since I applied for a degree in 1998 in the United States and Canada, it was not until September 15, 2002, that Canada officially issued BPM to me. Because the BPM consists of 12 pages in French (I translated it into Vietnamese), it is not convenient to present it here. But if you need to do research I will email you both the BPM and the article "Inventing the fungal origin of viruses and cancer". All will be published in 3 languages ​​Vietnamese, French and English. In 2005, I applied for BPM in Vietnam and Europe. Because the BPM consists of 12 pages in French (I translated it into Vietnamese), it is not convenient to present it here. But if you need to do research I will email you both the BPM and the article "Inventing the fungal origin of viruses and cancer". All will be published in 3 languages ​​Vietnamese, French and English. In 2005, I applied for BPM in Vietnam and Europe. Because the BPM consists of 12 pages in French (I translated it into Vietnamese), it is not convenient to present it here. But if you need to do research I will email you both the BPM and the article "Inventing the fungal origin of viruses and cancer". All will be published in 3 languages ​​Vietnamese, French and English. In 2005, I applied for BPM in Vietnam and Europe.



VNN : Dear Doctor, can your new discoveries about cancer be like that of finding out the origin or nature of cancer? And so how to treat?

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh: That's right. As mentioned above, I have demonstrated experimental therapy, then by inductive reasoning to come up with a solid and clear theory about the origin of cancer cells (please read on for the article on ''Origin of fungi). of cancer'', we are pleased to publish later). Once we know the fungal origin of the virus and cancer, we only need to use anti-fungal-anti-cancer drugs to kill the cancer cells and disappear. We used a blend of non-toxic biological drugs for maximum power killing cancer cells. 


For example, with breast cancer, at the beginning it is still a gentle tumor, meaning that it has just appeared without obvious metastases, it is very easy to treat, we just need to inject drugs into the lump, it will gradually shrink and disappear. no more squirming breasts like before. In addition, it is necessary to take more medicine for a long time to eliminate the after-effects.


VNN: Please explain more clearly about the fundamental differences between the method of cancer treatment with a mixture of biological drugs (Biologique) invented by the doctor and current cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or excision etc. ?

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh : Please clarify more about cancer treatment on the basis of root treatment : Very simply, once the fungal origin of cancer has been proven, then just use anti-fungal drugs to kill-cancer- letters. We have been successful in doing clinical trials. We are pleased to find that biological antifungals are not as destructive to body cells as radiotherapy and especially chemotherapy. As with the breast cancer mentioned above, when injected with drugs, the cancer fades away immediately, but more drugs must be taken to prevent further metastasis. 

Biological drugs are drugs of animal and plant origin, absolutely do not use toxic chemicals. Natural biological substances for body cells have the same body, the same line of natural organisms (partenaire normal), so they are called biological drugs (medicament biologique). The biological substance is gentle, does not destroy body cells, and does not disturb them. However, when the disease is severe, taking high doses, the nerve is stimulated, it can cause discomfort, there must be an antidote. 


The problem of cancer resection is only effective when the cancer is still a small tumor, but when it has metastasized, it is only valuable for prolonging life. That is not to mention the many cases that cannot be operated on. As for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, because there is no other way, so far Medicine has been reluctant to use them. I am sad to say the fact that radiation therapy and especially chemotherapy are extremely toxic, always killing body cells more quickly and effectively than cancer cells. Chemotherapy quickly becomes resistant to drugs and terribly expensive, if you want to treat it, you have to sell your house, sell land, borrow money (and still die!). Our people and people in developing countries do not have health insurance like in civilized countries. Even if you have money to use chemotherapy, when you stop taking drugs, the cancer will grow stronger. Absolute chemotherapy is horribly expensive,



VNN: So, according to the doctor, how can the preparation of this bio-mixed drug be easy and fully meet the needs of cancer treatment, especially for poor patients?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh: Actually, this is very simple, firstly, most need not to have the hands of some overseas Vietnamese tycoons and the state press to intervene in sabotage, secondly, need regulatory permission. Medicines of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. And if you want to quickly, you need to advertise in the press. 


In fact, it is very easy for Pharmaceutical Enterprises to obtain permission to make drugs. As for cancer drugs, because of its importance, it was destroyed by tycoons. Currently, it is necessary to follow the procedure of each country: which country requires clinical trials within that country. In our opinion, a short-term trial of some patients is needed to prove the therapeutic effect. If successful, ask the Ministry of Health to make the drug on a large scale and guide the therapists. But unfortunately, in Vietnam alone, even though my work is supported, it is still slower than turtles, but if overseas Vietnamese tycoons use dollars to embezzle and destroy, "oh ho ai!''. But in spite of all the calamities, I remained steadfast in hope, and determined to proceed to my death, I did not give up. Present,



VNN : In a recent interview with New Day Paris newspaper, the doctor said that cancer is more widespread today than in the past. Could you please tell me what factors are used to determine that while world medicine has made great progress compared to before?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh: This is a very real event. There are four reasons:


- In the past, because of the lack of diagnostic facilities, people thought that they died of old age.

- The second reason: Everywhere in the air and in the body, all living things have bacteria (microbes) of animal origin and viruses (viruses) of fungi, fungi, people also called bacteria of plant origin. These are two types of cytotoxic organisms of different origins, which kill each other. Usually germs kill viruses and bacteria. So when bacteria are killed by antibiotics, the virus rises to cause cancer.

- The third reason is that the living environment and food are increasingly poisoning people to cause cancer.

- The fourth reason is that civilized social life has changed in all aspects, from love, marriage, jobs, money, benefits, fame... generating a lot of anxiety, depression, pain. Chronic suffering, which the Americans called tress later (stress is only acute), causes the body's resistance to be reduced and causes cancer.

For nearly 100 years, the whole world has used antibiotics, all kinds of poisons, to kill almost all germs of diseases for humans, animals and roasted vegetables, plants and germs in the soil, but rarely to kill viruses. Because. When the germ dies, the virus emerges. Besides, antibiotics and toxic chemicals make the body of all living things on earth lose their automatic resistance. Those are two of the reasons that today cancer and viral diseases, including HIV, are spreading all over the world, especially for Vietnamese at home and abroad. This is a good opportunity for viruses, super fungi to thrive to mutate a certain body cell, sick, injured, dying or just dead into cancer cells. Animal viral diseases such as mad cow, foot-and-mouth disease, foot-and-mouth disease, bird flu, etc. spread from animals to humans also rumbled up around the world for the same reason.


VNN : Also in the interview with New Day Paris, the doctor said: cancer is formed in a form called "virus mutation". Please can you explain more about this mutation.


(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)


(Figure 3)



(Figure 4)



Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh:Mutation is a sudden change, which sounds complicated but is very simple: a virus is a very small organism that can only be seen through an electron microscope. It consists only of a nucleus, and it can definitely only live as a parasite in plant or animal cells. During their parasitic life in body cells, they reproduce rapidly, and are also rapidly destroyed so they cannot cause disease (see figure 1). But when a body cell is poisoned, injured, sick, dying, or has just died, the cell loses all resistance (see Figure 2), immediately the virus is parasitic in the cell. Cells are immediately merged into the nucleus of the body's cells, because the cell nucleus and the virus are of the same type as oil and oil, so the merger is easy (see figure 3) to form a nucleus. gene" is completely new (see Figure 4). 


That new nucleus takes up the cytoplasm of the cell that makes up the new cell, it's the first cancer cell, it's a cytotoxic, independent, free-living, fast-growing organism. quickly (see Figure 3) : It is the phenomenon of cancer cell mutation initiated by the virus.



VNN : The doctor has found that cancer cells are born from body cells but they are no longer body cells. This is a completely new thing, please Doctor explain more about this issue.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh:After the above mutation occurs, the new cell is born with its own unique "gene" entirely. Why ? New cancer cells have a new number of chromosomes (chromosomes or DNA) that are different from body cells' 46. Because the chromosomes of cancer cells are a combination of the body's cell chromosomes plus the viral chromosomes. ; Of course, it must be greater than the number of chromosomes in the body's cells 46. Science has proven that the number of chromosomes or DNA of each organism, animal or plant is different. This number of chromosomes is the basis of what is called the "gene" of each organism, including viruses and poles. So, cancer cell's chromosome = 46 (human chromosome number) + X (viral chromosome) > 46 (sign > sign is larger). So, the cancer cell is no longer a body cell, it becomes a new species of organism, living a completely cytotoxic life, free to reproduce, freely clump into a tumor, or fall off, swept away by the blood and lymph flow throughout the body, wherever it is retained, it reproduces, and then clots into metastasis; unlike body cells, which have a multicellular life (except for red and white blood cells) that reproduce for a limited time at the command of the central nervous system. 

Mutant cancer cells produce parasitic toxins in the body that do not cause swelling, redness or pain at all. But the body knows they are toxic organisms that no longer belong to the body, so the body mobilizes tissues to surround to destroy cancer cells. If the body's resistance is strong, cancer cells are surrounded and killed immediately. This phenomenon occurs in us continuously, every day without exception. If the body can't kill the cancer cells, it grows stronger, the ring also grows, the mainstream medical world now calls it a tumor (see figure 5), but we consider it a cancer. stage 1. When the body can't destroy it, it breaks the siege and closes into a tumor (see figure 6), and expands with the blood and lymph that spreads throughout the body very rapidly to give rise to proximal (see Figure 7) and distant (see Figure 8) metastases. Therefore, if it is delayed by a single tick, then the excised oil will still have metastases. Cancer is really a general disease, not a local disease, so surgery and radiation therapy is only temporary.



Figure 5


Figure 6

Figure 7: Proximal metastasis of breast tumor

Figure 8: General metastasis of uterine tumor


VNN : Dear Doctor, the Communist government of Vietnam cannot deny the main responsibility for causing poverty and serious backwardness in Vietnam today, widespread corruption, damaged ecological environment. In such a bad situation, the Doctor's wish to cure cancer for his poor relatives can be fulfilled. is that Okay ?


Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh: Here, I would like to not talk about politics. But with regard to domestic corruption, such as the oil and gas case in the South China Sea, and the recent PMU 18 case, no Vietnamese, domestic or foreign, is without pain to the bone and feels overwhelming humiliation. before the world. The ecological environment of our country has not been regulated by the law, so the factories are seriously disrespected, causing people's health to collapse, and agriculture and seafood are severely damaged, and cancer is also due to that. which spread and became extremely difficult to treat. 


In addition, the duration of cancer treatment, that is, to eradicate cancer cells is urgent, and must last from 12 to 18 months like the previous treatment of tuberculosis, because it must be almost as long as the cancer has been cured. born. And must be treated continuously and seriously ; rather than just taking medicine for 10 days, half a month like treating bacterial infections. Therefore, although the medicine is not toxic and really cheap, the long-term and serious treatment requires a lot of effort, difficulty and expense, especially for the poor and lonely people. 


Currently, Vietnamese people at home or abroad also suffer from cancer a lot as a result of having lived in a war environment for a long time compared to other ethnic groups. I am extremely anxious for many years now, and also very sad that I cannot provide cheap drugs for cancer patients, especially poor people. In the meantime, I can only treat for free and provide 'temporary loan' medicine.



VNN: Doctor, one last question: As a scientist and a person of deep Catholic faith, what do you want to share with Vietnamese Youth today?


Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh:Living and working with and in the Christian spirit, in the midst of the current situation of the world and the country, I have a wish for Vietnamese youth not only overseas but also in the country: Vietnam is already there in the world.5,000 years of civilization with transcendent morality, fine customs and traditions, taking gentleness and forgiveness as a model for the life left by the ancient Bach Viet ancestors. It is the noblest spiritual culture of the Vietnamese tribe, and it is also the basic and most necessary virtues to create a peaceful and prosperous world for mankind. It was Confucius who copied the noble virtues of this civilization among the southern barbarians when the Mongols invaded De Lai's Chi Than country and Au Co and her descendants the Hung kings. , to serve as a foundation for the development of a great Chinese culture later. Since Han China was originally of Mongolian origin, 


The immortal moral and spiritual legacies left by our agricultural ancestors and healthy humans can never become "out of date" or become "smug". Therefore, I hope that the Vietnamese Youth, both at home and abroad, know how to keep the Viet Tric spiritual culture, not to imitate people, to abandon the national culture, but to indulge in embodiment with a depraved life. debauchery, disregard for morality, loyalty, filial piety, humanity, justice, ceremony, wisdom, and trust handed down by the Bach Viet ancestors. Youth need to live with that pure national spirit. Only in this way, Vietnamese Youth hopes to make an active and effective contribution to a healthy, prosperous, truly democratic and prosperous Vietnam in the future.

* * *


Vo Trieu Son: On behalf of VNN news agency, I would like to thank Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh for giving a lot of thought and precious time to sincerely share many problems with VNN readers in a very helpful interview. this benefit. I wish you and your family always have good health and soon success as you wish. 






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