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Cancer has long been sought to cure cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, as well as by early diagnosis and with adequate defense. Meanwhile, the exact cause of cancer is still unknown.

Determining the true identity or nature of cancer will certainly be a prerequisite, useful and vital step in the proper treatment of cancer.

My view of radical, radical therapeutic theory is based on determining the identity (see Invention of the Origin of Cancer) of cancer and of viruses (in viral diseases), i.e. refer to its nature or origin. Because once the nature or origin of virus or cancer is known, it is easier to cure cancer and viral diseases (including SIDA/AIDS). This makes a specific, radical, reasonable, non-toxic, non-toxic treatment against cancer and viral diseases.

For more than 30 years, clinical observations on the general pathological similarities of the symptoms of fungal, cancerous and viral diseases have inspired me to take the idea of ​​​​using antifungal drugs to treat cancer cases. has entered the final stage. The obvious results have encouraged me to continue my “anti-cancer-virus” fungal treatment in a large number of patients. By inductive reasoning, the results of cancer healing have helped me to conceive that viruses and cancer cells must have a common fungal nature.

Positive numbers of diseases have been cured (lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, nose cancer, Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma etc...) and viral diseases (hepatitis B and C, shingles, asthma, neonatal hydrocephalus) helped with the idea of ​​creating the booklet included in this website.

Viruses and all their relatives are extremely small creatures and they are of the lowest class on earth; i.e. they must have a plant or fungal nature. And this fungal property always wins out when the virus successfully takes over the cells of the human body. It then transforms the human cell into a fungal cell by viral mutation.

With a sudden mutation caused by a virus, a human body cell is transformed into an étrangère du corps humain cell. It's a

 Protozoan, independent, free to reproduce, has a fungal nature, different from that of previous body cells. That is the principle of formation of cancer cells. In addition, it also has other pathogenic effects on the human body: They paralyze cells, make cells lose their working function, and it destroys body cells, especially destroys na cells that cause brain loss of body control. In addition, they also have the effect of preventing blood from clotting, bleeding, and people dying very quickly. There are also mild but persistent effects in the elderly giving birth to incurable chronic diseases such as SLM, SEP etc....

The obvious successes in the clinical application of the "anti-cancer" antifungal method have demonstrated that viruses and cancer cells both have fungal properties. Once the fungal properties of viruses and cancer have been confirmed, the treatment of cancer and viral diseases is no longer a problem.


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