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  Helpless not to be able to participate in the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic with my invention on the etiological treatment method against viral diseases!





About 40 years ago while treating fungal and viral diseases, we observed many similarities between the two diseases. We wondered, do viruses have a state like super fungal cells? Is the virus a particular type of low-grade fungus? We have tried to treat many cases of mild and severe infections caused by viruses such as cheilitis, glossitis, gingivitis, gingivitis, shingles, viral hepatitis, with the antifungal drug Nystatin.


We have achieved unexpected, encouraging results. We also kill dormant viral clusters such as black moles on the face without leaving scars, acne, freckles and age spots on the face of old people with antifungal agents. We have successfully and easily and quickly cured viral diseases, and all incurable diseases caused by viruses, most importantly tumours, cancers caused by mutant viruses, and also treat diseases that we suspect are caused by viruses such as arthritis, hydrocephalus in infants, hydrocephalus des nouveau-nés, neurological diseases Sclérose latéral amyotrophique (maladie de Charcot), Sclérose en phaques, Parkinson, Alzheirmer etc…. 


But I'm not talking about cancer or other diseases here. We only talk specifically about the natural state of the Chinese virus/coronavirus, and would like to clearly demonstrate the fungal nature of the virus by the following logical arguments:




A. I would like to start by demonstrating with clinical applications. I have treated Viral Inflammation : Shingles, Hepatitis B, C, Osteoarthritis etc… with antifungals, especially with Nystatin, always with very rapid and spectacular success.  Nystatin is a relatively non-toxic drug with only a few side effects, but it is easy to get rid of. I myself was severely driven mad and blind by Zona cérébrale and Zona Ophtalmique in the hospital in Saint-Luc Montréal, Québec Canada (with records). However, it took only 5 days for me to heal.


This has encouraged me to continue to treat viral diseasessuch as hepatitis B, C, influenza, encephalitis and otitis, stomatitis, mouth sores, measles, and other incurable diseases that I think are possible. viral nature like hydrocephalus in infants, arthritis, asthma and so on... and neurological diseases like ALS (Charcot's disease) Parkinson's, stop Alzheirmer etc and treat cancer, because cancer is caused by a virus become, so we can consider cancer as a viral disease, as mentioned above from 15 years ago.


These results have encouraged us to continue with the therapy, applying for therapeutic patents in the US and Canada. We have concluded by a raisonnement by induction that viruses are of fungal nature. We only have clinical results (résultats, and theoretical results, but not laboratory results.


I applied to CIPO of Canada for the Copyright of my Discovery and the Registration and Copyright Number is No: 497224. Based on the Invention and with many medical results in hand, I have applied for a Patent for Invent a specific, etiologique cause, safe, and economical treatment with USPTOs in the US under Registration Number: 09/123.369 and with Canada CIPO, at number: 2,275,732.


In 1997 I asked the Protection Équinox Facility, whose Director is Ms. Shirlée Biron whose Address is at 4480 Côte De Liesse 224 Ville Mont-Royal QC, Canada. H4N-2R1, Tel: 514-739-6770 Email:  Fax: 514-733-4424,


On September 15, 2002, I received a Patent from the CIPO (Canadian intellectual property office). On the side of USPTO USA, Mrs. Angela N. Trafton and Mr. Jean Jean C. Witz, Director of the US Patent Office USPTO told me that someone else applied for a patent on the nature of Virus and Cancer before me, so they didn't give me the copy of US Patent.  I asked to prove myself with a written letter.  But as of now 2020, USPTO US (US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE ) does not respond.  20 years later and right now, I am still the only person in the world who discovered the fungal nature of the virus and successfully cured many very serious viral infections, especially shingles of the brain and shingles of the eyes. Blinded (Zona cérébral is insane, and Zona is blind) with the almost nontoxic antifungal drug Nystatin.


Viruses, poles, and their close relatives are plasmides and transposable éléments.  Micro- and micro-transformers are small groups of RNA nucleic acid molecules bound together.  Even these micro- and micro-transformations can give rise to many micro- and micro-transformations. They are super-microscopic types that do not have an envelope. We have found that the smaller the poles, the more virulent they are, which means they are difficult to destroy, for example the HIV pole of AIDS/Sida.


All of them are the lowest living beings on earth that we know. Derived from these subspecies, viruses and fungi are produced first, and then animal-based bacteria are born. So this species of trefoil cannot be of animal origin, they can only be of vegetable origin with a fungal nature. Because they are of plant origin, cancer (caused by a virus that mutates body cells) is always as hard as wood. 


We can conclude that viruses are of fungal origin, the lowest plant origin on earth known today. Maybe that's why the  virus has a very strong survival power .


The Latin botanical name is "vegétus" which means "vigoureux = intense". Viruses can live parasitically on any animal or plant cell. Viruses can live dormant for millions of years under the arctic icebergs. Super can withstand heat up to 120oC, super can withstand the heat of sunlight. Viruses have been found on Mars. All these natural properties prove that the virus is of plant origin, living the most intense and enduring. A virus is a genus of super-fungi or super-fungi. Germs of animal origin do not have such vigor, no such persistence.


People can train the virus to weaken to make a vaccine to prevent disease, but not to cure disease. One can also train the virus to become stronger, more intense, more and more intense, but  not "Create a Virus"  as it is said online about Wuhan China's virus/virus research agency. Plus, because a virus is still an organism, it can't be created by humans.


B. Another argument for proving that viruses are fungal in nature comes from the study of AIDS. The world's medical textbooks say that the HIV virus likes to follow the T4 Lymphocytes to kill it. But in my opinion this is not fair for both the virus and for T4 Lymphocytes. According to our inference, in the body's fight against the HIV virus, T4 Lymphocytes are the specialists responsible for destroying fungi, viruses and especially HIV. And also because of this duty, T4 Lymphocytes enthusiastically searched for HIV virus to destroy. But because the HIV virus is so strong, it destroys T4 Lymphocytes. HIV does not directly bring death to the human body, but causes death indirectly by destroying T4 Lymphocytes. When the T4 Lymphocyte is all killed, Immediately terrible fungal diseases and even cancer flooded the body. Because after the T4 Lymphocutes was destroyed, complications or rather, "opportunistic diseases of a fungal nature" had the opportunity to emerge. People infected with HIV do not die from HIV, but from opportunistic diseases of fungal origin. 


So, considering these opportunistic diseases, all of them are diseases caused by fungi. Let's try to tell:


Candidose fungal disease; Herpes virus disease; Cryptocoques fungal meningitis; tuberculosis caused by Koch bacteria of plant origin; Kaposi's cancer; Pneumocystis carini pneumonia; diseases caused by the fungus Coccidiose; Histoplasmose; Scryptosporidiose; Toxoplasmose; Cryptococcose; diseases caused by fungi: Mycobactérienne à M. Kansasii or Mycobactérium Avium etc.... born throughout the body, making HIV patients in the late stages unable to eat or absorb nutrients into the body, Therefore, the body becomes sick, old and scary, no one dares to look at it, dare to feed it, but has to be taken care of by the CG nuns.


T4 Lymphocytes are abundant and strong, opportunistic fungal disease cannot spread. Lymphocytes T4 severely damaged, opportunistic fungal diseases proliferate to kill the body.  This proves that it is the T4 Lymphocytes that are experts at killing plant-based bacteria and viruses, especially the HIV virus.   This clearly proves that all viruses in general and HIV viruses in particular are of fungal origin, which can be completely cured with Nystatine, Amphétéricine and Voricozalone or strong alkaline substances such as Baking Soda. Bicarbonate de Sodium).


To prevent opportunistic diseases in the complications of AIDS/Sida, most of which are caused by fungi, to help prevent patients from being rapidly destroyed by opportunistic fungal diseases, to prolong life. life, people with HIV are given a small daily dose of the antifungal drug Nystatin. But when giving HIV patients a light dose of Nystatin, it is not intended to kill HIV with the drug Nystatine as the USPTO agency mistakenly believes.


This proves that T4 Lymphocytes are cells with a specific function to destroy fungi and plant-based bacteria, especially HIV virus.


So in AIDS/Sida/AIDS, it is the T4 Lymphocytes that look for HIV to destroy, not HIV that likes to find T4 Lymphocytes to invade. It's like a police officer looking for robbers to destroy, but not stealing to find the police. But after a period of fierce resistance, the "police" Lymphocytes T4 lost and was killed by HIV "bandits".




Before all the knowledge about Corona Chinois epidemic needed for treatment, not knowing the exact identity of the culprit is a huge obstacle to any treatment. A great shortcoming of modern medicine. 

In the context of the pathophysiology, we ask you to take a few minutes to pay attention to the nature of the covid-19 virus. Because once the virus identity is known, one can easily treat the cause effectively. So if we have to evaluate how many factors, how many phenomena to study, how many studies, how many effective vaccines to wait, how much money to spend... But at This is an urgent issue for the CCP covid-19 pandemic. Based on the identity of the virus, we need to study the root therapy of a fungicide to kill covid-19 chinois! Otherwise, it would be a major omission of the good will of the world health authority, or even a major omission of modern medicine of the twenty-first century.

Within the framework of the biotherapeutic microbiology, perhaps we need to be more concerned with the identity of the causative agent. Because once the source of the disease is known, the treatment becomes easier

easy. So if, we need to evaluate so many factors, we need to study many phenomena, and we need to prove many theories... Then the problem of knowing the origin or natural state of viruses is a prerequisite issue. .

In today's situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we suggest that we try a new treatment, try to explore a new horizon, try to listen to new inferences, a new theory. Try our new discovery experiment, a way to treat viral diseases, even brain viruses, easily, quickly, and with less money than existing methods.

We hope that these changes will provide a better understanding of the identities of different viruses. And changing the treatment to natural antifungal or chemical antifungal if necessary, will help us to overcome other acute and chronic viral diseases of viral origin or viral degenerative source such as viral encephalitis, viral arthritis, young viral epilepsy, neonatal hydrocephalus due to encephalitis, dementia, SLA (Charcot's disease), SEP, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's in the elderly etc... Until now still not curable. With antifungal drugs, the writer of this article has cured many diseases such as shingles célébrale, shingles ophtalmique, hydrocéplalie nouveaune, asthma, osteoarthritis, encéphalite virale, SLA, Alzheirmer etc ....

With the presentation of the nature of the virus, we are honored to offer all the countries of the world a method of prevention and especially the treatment of the root cause for the Pandemic called virosis covid-19 CS Ship. Patients treated with these drugs can have normal daily activities, eat, sleep, work normally, if we know how to get over some minor reactions to ginger water (nausea). ) and chocolate, guava leaves and guava figs (diarrhea).

With the fierce battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not necessary to lose.... Because first we have found its identity. Second, the hopes that have been nurtured for half a century have not been in vain. It is thanks to the advances in  Molecular Biology that, in my opinion, have led to Viral Biology  that I have gained the research base to be able to discover the fungal origins of viruses and cancer and have a Patent for Microbiology. about the root cure for viral diseases. We are optimistic that the significant advances in Molecular and Microbiology through electron microscopy will inevitably lead to many important insights into pathogenic and non-pathogenic processes. Third, we know that a virus is not a complete cell because it does not have a protoplasm, they only consist of a nucleus, living as a parasite on the cell's protoplasm and reproducing. They are just nucleic acids that are easily destroyed by strong organic antifungal agents, extracted from Streptomycès bacteria such as: Nystatin, Amphotericin, Voriconazole. Fourth, we have many natural substances like NAHCO3 Bicarbonate de Sodium which are much more effective in preventing the Covid-19 Pandemic than Alcohol 70 or 100o.




17. NABICA : Use bicarbonate de Sodium = Baking soda (which is a non-toxic mineral salt) for easy prevention:   Buy at a Western drugstore: 3000 to 5000VND/100gr . If you buy wholesale at the store with 25kg bags, it's only about 100$VN/100gr. Used for prevention and treatment.

18. It is necessary to stay calm and optimistic, to believe in the original and effective medicine. Need to get rid of all worries and stress. You must believe in specific etiological and rational treatment.

19. Use Nabica powder (sodium bicarbonate) mixed in robinet water when folded. In Vietnam, boiling water is used, non-toxic, bought at a pharmacy or at the market, very cheap, for cleaning.

20. Dosage: Put from 50gr to 100gr into 1 liter of water, it dissolves more or less depending on the temperature of the water. This mineral diluted in water helps protect the body from viral infections. It kills all viruses and coronaviruses (and also fungal cancer cells).

21. Dilute Baking soda (Nabica) powder in boiled water to drink, add in soups, in foods, especially vegetables.

22. Needs a pH of 9 or higher: pH > 9. Use as mouthwash, gargle, brush teeth, wash eyes, face, body and hands as many times a day as needed, especially after speaking Talk to strangers, hold suspicious objects.

23. Soak raw fruits and vegetables (so they won't spoil for weeks), wipe dishes with Nabica water...

24. Clean walls, beds, chairs, doors, doorknobs, electrical switches, furniture, living rooms, floors with Nabica water.

25. After washing clothes, blankets, towels, re-soak Nabica water, or put Javel bleach in soapy washing water.

26.  Nabica water is also a very good substance to easily preserve vegetables, fruits and fish food for a long time. Can be stopped as a food preservative that is not damaged by viruses or bacteria.

27. Food including drinking water and dry food must be alkaline to create an alkaline environment inside the body.

28. Take enzymes after meals if anorexia and poor digestion.

29. Food should be chewed thoroughly. Do not eat normally, only eat up to 60 70% and eat as many times a day as necessary.

30. Drink warm water every day.

31. Dress carefully, to keep the body, back, neck, chest, and hands and feet warm, especially at night.

32. Need to massage feet, soles, hands, palms, head, face, ears.




4.      Nabica: Use baking soda as a precaution: Add 50g to 100g to 1 liter of water. The solubility of Nabica will depend on the heat of the water. For drinking with a pH of 9 to 10.

5.      Transfuse into the blood if necessary as cancer treatment as directed by the doctor at the Hospital.

6.      Nystatin = Nylstat = Mycostatine: Sugar coated tablets 500,000 international units. Buy at Western Medicine House. Need a few hundred boxes right away. Use at a dose 12 times higher than normal fungal infections

Drink  4 to 6 times a day depending on the severity of the disease :   Take 6 to 10 tablets each time, take 4 to 6 times a day to kill Covid-19, but depending on the severity of the disease.   Can start 6 tablets / time, 4 times a day, then gradually increase. The effect is very quick, the effect is obvious from 4 to 7 days of the drug.

4. Side effects: There may be nausea and diarrhea after taking it for a while, if you have constipation, don't worry. Should take the medicine with honey, or sugar water or a cup of porridge, lake water to avoid nausea. You can use ginger juice to treat nausea and use chocolate or guava peel in a blender to treat diarrhea.

5. Severe cases: Add Amphotericin B in combination with Nystatin in severe cases: Transfuse into the blood, or intravenously 50 to 100mg/day.

6. The two drugs above were extracted from two different strains of Streptpmycès by two British female chemists in the mid-nineteenth century. They are very alkaline to treat sour fungus viruses. They can give certain side effects such as nausea and diarrhea.

7. You should eat enough nutritious food to have strong resistance.

8. Enzymes 6 Gold: Pack of 3g, box of 20 bags - During and after eating, drink 3gr with water, 3 to 6 times a day. If you forget, you can drink it when you feel uncomfortable.  

9. Multi-vitamin: Take 1 capsule 3 to 6 times a day

10. Should avoid acidic foods, poisonous foods, indigestible.

I wish you success in your treatment of covid-19 TC and take precautions.



The lack of specificity of the covid-19 virus is a major obstacle to treating the etiology. Under these conditions, it is precisely in China's fight against the Covid-19 virus that tens of millions of people have died by now. We ask you to change your therapeutic judgment, change your medical opinion, change your treatment plan, change your mind, discover a new approach to us, explore a horizon. Please try to look at a new theory. Please listen to our new inferences, new proofs to ease the change of our new regimen.


Montreal March 12, 2020


GS. Trung Trieu Nguyen Thanh MD.Ph.D.

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